Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, you are kindly invited to the 15th IRDO International Conference 2020!

The main theme (file rouge) of the IRDO 2020 conference is to provide a broader insight in what researchers, educators and managers can and should do to embed the individual social responsibility, i.e. one’s responsibility towards one-self, as a crucial part of social responsibility, concerning all preconditions of humankind’s survival, from health to global sustainability, in their activities. We will:

  • Discuss the methods to develop the concepts of social responsibility further to get in line with the state of art and the requisitely holistic development in the social, ecological and business environment, setting special focus in reflexive behaviour, interdependence and creative cooperation, not exclusively, but especially exposing individuals.
  • Elaborate the cases of socially responsible behaviour in families, companies, government and non-governmental organisations, or active citizenships. The aim is to give an example on how to rethink standard processes from multiple perspectives and to integrate socially responsible behaviour of individuals as members of them.
  • Report on planning, implementation and optimisation of socially responsible behaviour.

By sharing your experiences, either theoretical or practical in nature, you, the participants will help finding the right path to introduce socially responsible behaviour into business and other organisations and, the most important, people. That is why we kindly invite you to share your insights with other authors and discussants, including scientific & other researchers, top consultants, other experts and experienced practitioners, by joining this conference as audience and/or by contributing your paper.

Young presenters that are participating in the educational process are also most welcome. Please do not hesitate to report about your work on any topics of our conference! You are joining about one thousand speakers of so far. Thus, much information we will collect at one spot to apply them in research and practice – therefore, you should not miss this conference! Share your ideas, dilemmas, and views with speakers and other participants.

See the invitation for AUTHORS to present papers and others at this link:
2020 IRDO Conference – Inivitation – Call for papers 14.2.2020 ENG ok

You can find the registration form for the conference here:
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Please send us your application form as soon as possible to the following e-mail address:
The number of speakers is limited. Please find some crucial instructions for authors of papers in further reading.

Instructions for contributors (authors) can be found here:
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INFORMATION: IRDO – Inštitut za razvoj družbene odgovornosti, Preradovičeva ulica 26, SI-2000 Maribor.
Web:  E-mail:  Tel: +386 (0)31 344 883

Looking forward to enjoy your company at the 15th IRDO conference in Maribor, Slovenia! 

With kind regards,

Prof. Emer. Dr. Peter Glavič,
University of Maribor, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, and Vice-Chairman of the IRDO Conference Program Committee, m.p.
Prof. Emer. Dr., Dr. Matjaž Mulej,
University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business, President of the IRDO Expert Council and Chairman of the IRDO Conference Program Committee, m.p.