The IRDO institute is a leading Slovenian organisation that contributes to the development of social responsibility in Slovenia and abroad with research, training, consulting, connecting and promotion. It cooperates with domestic and foreign experts, foundations, organisations, governments and companies and helps with the exchange of knowledge and experience regarding social responsibility.


By the year 2030, we intend to become an internationally renowned group of experts, scientists and researchers in the field of social responsibility, making an important contribution to the development of SR for companies, organisations, foundations, individuals, governments and to society as a whole.


The IRDO – Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility was founded in 2004 in order to research and accelerate the development of SR in Slovenia and elsewhere. IRDO’s main purpose is to promote the networking of key activists concerning SR, whether in government, business, other institutions and organizations, or civil society, and to share common activities and campaigns for raising awareness in society at large about the need and the importance of SR.

For this purpose:


The institute has the following bodies:

  • Council of the IRDO institute
  • Director of the IRDO institute
  • Scientific council of the IRDO institute
  • Research council ZRC IRDO
  • Scientific research centre ZRC IRDO
  • Board members of the IRDO institute

The Council of the institute consists of representatives of various foundations, companies, professional associations, media, civil society and other experts. IRDO carries out its scientific research and scientific work in a special organisational unit (ZRC IRDO). Members of IRDO publish their work at conferences in Slovenia and abroad, magazines and other publications (in 10 years we were a part of various events in 30 countries and at over 250 events in Slovenia).


Membership in the CSR Europe network

CSR Europe is the European business network for corporate social responsibility, with around 70 multinational member companies and 27 national partner organisations in 23 European countries. As a diverse network of membership-based CSR organisations, CSR Europe’s national partners work with companies and stakeholders across Europe to raise awareness, build capacity and support the development and implementation of CSR. CSR Europe also aims to raise awareness about SR with its “Enterprise 2020” initiative. The IRDO institute became a National partner organisation within the CSR Europe network in August of 2012. Members of the network meet twice a year or more, depending on upcoming events. More at:  www.csreurope.org.

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Membership in the IRDO institute network

There is a trend in Europe, where responsible companies and organisations decide to become members of organisations that strengthen social responsibility. In this way, they gain reputation, loyalty of their customers, bigger motivation of employees, better cooperation with the community and other business partners. They also increase their competitiveness, social and business capital and innovativeness.

Members of the institute are companies, foundations, organisations and individuals. We are brought together under the Council of the institute, which supports the work of the institute and discusses overall development and progress of the institute. We exchange knowledge of various scientific and business fields, inform about the meaning of social responsibility and connect economic, social and other interest groups with the intention of executing and creating projects for more social responsibility in Slovenia and abroad. Once a year we organize a meeting of all members of the institute, and members are invited to various events organized by the institute and our partners.

Members contribute to the development of the institute and its work, and we receive numerous benefits. We participate by helping create work programs, we attend various debates, have free access to information and news on our portal and e-publications of the institute (newsletters, books…), we have special discounts at using the products and services of the institute (training, counselling, research…), and we exchange practical experiences. Through our membership in other organisations (CSR Europe…), we get knowledge and connections, that we couldn’t get otherwise. In this way we are strengthening our reputation, social and business capital and we contribute to our own and shared social responsibility.

Since 2008 we have about 100 members and partner organisations. The collective members consist of various companies and organisations. Meetings and events are attended by members of the leadership or specific areas of expertise, members of management boards, and the chairpersons of bigger Slovenian companies, organisations and foundations. Individual members are: students, researchers, scientists, experts and everyone who is aware of the meaning of SR and is therefore indirectly involved.

Legal persons can become members of the IRDO institute anytime (collective membership), and so can individuals who sign a membership agreement about the collective membership and respect the rules of the institute.

We welcome you to participate and to do so morally and financially, as well as with your expertise, support our efforts in the development of social responsibility and strengthen your own work in this field. Become our member! Contact us at info@irdo.si for the application form, you can also find it on this website.


The IRDO institute is:

  • a research organisation, registered at ARRS,
  • voluntary organisation,
  • organisation that works in the public interest of the youth,
  • national partner of CSR Europe – European business network for corporate social responsibility,
  • expert manager of the Partnership for social responsibility of Slovenia,
  • member of numerous boards and committees for SR in other organisations (e.g. Corporate Social Responsibility Committee AMCHAM), and
  • long-time business partner of the following organisations and foundations:
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