Honorary sponsor: Marjan Šarec, Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia

14th IRDO International Conference on Corporate Responsibility was held from 20 to 21 June 2019 at the University of Maribor. More than 96 authors from eight countries, who presented 56 articles at the two-day conference, came to Maribor. The title of the conference was the 14th IRDO International Conference “Social Responsibility and Current Challenges 2019” on Social Responsibility: development, applications and impact measurement. Under the patronage of the Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Marjan Šarec, it was organized by IRDO – Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility. Scientific partners were University of Maribor, the International Academy of Systems and Cyber Sciences IASCYS (Pau, France) and the WOSC Worldwide Organization for System and Cybernetics (Lincoln, Great Britain).

The support partners of the conference were: CSR Europe, Slovenian Society for System Research, Slovenian Association for Quality and Excellence, Styrian Chamber of Commerce, Manager Association, Network for Social Responsibility of Slovenia, Academy of Social Responsibility and many other organizations. The media partner of the conference was Mladina, the clipping partner was Press Clipping. The sponsors of the conference were Prohit and Medis-M; donors were Radenska, Pohorska Kavarna and Lent Festival.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of WOSC, members of this global organization actively participated in the organization and implementation of the IRDO Conference, expressing their support for the IRDO Institute, which has been developing and expanding social responsibility for 15 years already. Members of WOSC have offered system tools to solve the burning issues of individuals and organizations in the area of (corporate) social responsibility. In the plenary session, WOSC President Prof. Raul Espejo introduced some system tools and methods for the analysis, planning and management of complex systems, such as company development, collaborative environments and environmental conservation. Representatives of organizations from Russia, Colombia, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and, of course, Slovenia, gathered for the first time at the round table. They presented the World Network for the Development of Systematic Thinking and Cybernetics (WOSC) since its inception in 1922 to the present.

At the IRDO 2019 Conference, the WOSC 2020 Congress website was first presented: https://www.wosc2020.org/ where the development structure of the WOSC 2020 Congress can be seen. This is a fundamental platform for participation in the congress in the future. The WOSC 2020 Congress will be held in Moscow from 16-18 September 2020 in cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Prof. Emeritus Matjaž Mulej, PhD PhD, president of the program committee of the conference, received the medal of Norbert Wiener, the highest award for achievements in system theory and cybernetics in the world, from hands of the president of WOSC Prof. Raul Espejo. This was one of the peaks of the IRDO 2019 conference. “The medal of Norbert Wiener is one of the most rarely awarded medals in the framework of systemic thinking, intended for researchers who in their lives have significantly influenced the development of systemic thinking at the global level”, expressed Igor Perko, PhD, General Director of WOSC.


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