ESG (environmental, social, governance) aspects of business in theory and practice

The 19th IRDO International Conference cocreated more than 60 authors from more than 10 countries and with 39 contributions.

(Slovenia, online) The 19th IRDO international conference “INNOVATIVE SUSTAINABLE AND SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE SOCIETY 2024: ESG (environmental, social, governance) aspects in theory and practice & Learning and action for sustainability and green transition, & 4th IRDO & Citizens’ Initiative for an Integral Green Slovenia Conference, was held from 12 to 13 June 2024 in Slovenia, online. More than 60 authors with 39 papers from more than 10 countries from Europe, Africa, Canada, South America, Asia and the Middle East have co-created the conference, and almost 100 participants listened to them. The organizers of the conference were IRDO – Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility, the University of Maribor, Slovenia, the Slovenian Society for Systems Research (SdSr), the Citizens’ Initiative for an Integral Green Slovenia and Scientific & Research Centre Koper with several supporting partners. The conference was co-financed by the Youth Office of the Republic of Slovenia, and sponsored by Nova KBM, Medis-M and Press Clipping.

At the opening of the 19th International IRDO Conference Prof. Dr. Igor Vrečko, Vice-dean for Development projects and Practice Engagement at University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business, yesterday said: “We are delighted to be participating in this significant event, which will focus on ESG aspects in theory and practice, learning and acting for sustainability and the green transition. The timing of this conference could not be more appropriate, given the urgent challenges of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. The University of Maribor and the Faculty of Economics and Business are dedicated to fostering an innovative and sustainable society. Our commitment to environmental, social and governance principles is reflected in our research, educational programmes, and community engagement. We believe that collaboration and knowledge sharing, such as that facilitated by this conference, are essential to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals and creating effective change in our communities and beyond.”

In two days, participants and authors, among them more than 20 students, discussed about ESGG Topics Among authors were also researchers and leading experts, who engaged in thought-provoking discussions, and explored innovative solutions that address some of the most critical issues of our time. As Prof. Dr. Igor Vrečko mentioned in his speech, “this conference serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, inspiring action, and fostering partnerships that can lead to meaningful and lasting change.”

Organizers were IRDO – Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility, University of Maribor, Slovenia, Slovenian Society for Systemic Research (SdSr), Citizens’ Initiative for an Integral Green Slovenia and Science and Research Centre Koper, Slovenia. Supporting partners of the IRDO International Conference were: World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC), International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences (IASCYS), Pau, France, European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Salzburg, Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science (BCSSS), International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR), Center of Risk & Crises Management (CRC), Vienna, Austria, CSR Europe, Danube University Krems, Austria, Home for Humanity, France, Slovenian Association for Quality and Excellence, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Štajerska, Slovenia, Association of Employers of Slovenia, Managers’ Association of Slovenia, Network for Social Responsibility of Slovenia, Association Social Responsibility Academy, Systems innovation Slovenia, Stritih Sustainable Development, Gallus Foundation.

Co-financer was Ministry of Education, Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth. Sponsors were: Nova KBM d. d. (main sponsor) and Medis-M d.o.o.. Clipping partner was Press Clipping d.o.o..

So far, over 1.500 authors from all over the world have participated in the previous 19 IRDO conferences.

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