Going Green Global Award for the IRDO Institute and Prof. Emeritus Dr. Dr. Matjaž Mulej

The Going Green Global Award is given for sustainable design and innovative solutions and achievements in the field of smart cities and a quality culture of living in a global
space. For the year 2020, the IRDO Institute and prof. ddr. Matjaž Mulej were among awardees.

The award ceremony took place at the GGG design WEEK event and the 6th International Scientific Conference A.L.I.C.E. namely on 23 February 2021, starting at 12.00 (on-line). The award ceremony was organized by the Faculty of Design, an associate member of the University of Primorska, Slovenia.

At the suggestion of the Dean of the Faculty of Design UP and in accordance with the rules – RULES ON AWARDING AWARDS GoinGreenGlobal (GGG), Prof. Nada Rožmanec Matičič was appointed ad hoc commission composed of: Prof. Vladimir Sanzharov, Prof. Dr. Dragan Čalović, Doc. Dr. Blažka Muller, Ph.D. Nada Rožmanec Matičič, who decided on the awarding of international awards GGG.

Read the justification for receiving the award here:

Read more about this and other interesting content in the February issue of IRDO Mozaik magazine, which can be found here (in Slovene language only):