Green, digital, and inclusive transition: how to make it happen?

Call for author contributions for 17th IRDO International Conference SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE SOCIETY 2022, Slovenia, Europe, 2-3 June 2022, online.

Invitation: Call for author contributions 17th IRDO International Conference SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE SOCIETY 2022: Green, digital, and inclusive transition: how to make it happen? DRUŽBENO ODGOVORNA DRUŽBA 2022: Zeleni, digitalni in vključujoči prehod: kako ga izpeljati? 2-3 June 2022 Maribor, Slovenia, European Union ONLINE. The Conference SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE SOCIETY 2022 is also the 2nd IRDO & Citizens’ Initiative for an Integral Green Slovenia National conference.

5 January 2022 – call for papers opening
28 February 2022 – abstract submission (exceptionally, summaries may still be submitted after this date)
4 March 2022 – information of acceptance
30 April 2022 – paper submission
16 May 2022 – conference programme
2-3 June 2022 – IRDO 2022 International conference
Conference venue: ONLINE  
Official language:  English

Organiser Info: IRDO – Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility, Cesta 13. julija 65a, SI-1261 Ljubljana – Dobrunje, Slovenia, Web:;  E-mail:; Phone: +386 31 344 883


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

you are kindly invited to participate at the 17th IRDO International Conference “SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE SOCIETY 2022: Green, digital and inclusive transition: how to make it happen?”, to be held on 2 and 3 June 2022 online.

We invite you kindly to participate with your own author’s contribution (paper) and / or as listener.

In 2021 we all recognized that the current global environmental-socio-economic-political crisis is killing humankind. All of us need to accept this fact and the fact that all of us must and can help ourselves solve this crucial danger in order to survive as the current and coming generations. No action for more sustainability is too small, all are urgent.

“The alarm bells are deafening, and the evidence is irrefutable:  greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel burning and deforestation are choking our planet and putting billions of people at immediate risk.” (UN Secretary-General António Guterres, 2021)

The main purpose of the conference is to explore conceptual framework(s), conditions and possibilities for a green, digital and inclusive transition that enables the development of a common sustainable future, in line with the UN 2030Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 SDGs. A precondition for sustainable coexistence is socially responsible behaviour of each stakeholder in the community. Sustainability is increasingly regarded as a process of societal and inclusive transitions.

The conference emphasis is on implementation of a green, digital and inclusive transition as embraced by the European Green Deal (EGD) and other EU priorities and policies, including the Recovery and Resilience Facility/Plans. The EGD puts sustainability and, therefore, social responsibility at the heart of the EU policy-making, reflecting the need for systemic change.

To achieve the SDGs, fundamental transformations of societal systems (energy, mobility, food and built environment systems) that are at the root cause of environmental and climate pressures are urgently needed – i.e., sustainability transitions towards low-carbon, circular, bio- and blue economy and society (SOER 2020 by EEA). This trend towards a more integrated and holistic approach is also reflected in a stronger integration of environmental, social and economic objectives.

EU has adopted a number of guidelines for the development of digitalization, they are focused on socially responsible development and integration of digitalization in the society, and as indispensable element of sustainability transitions (e.g., Digital Agenda for Europe).  

The basic vision of well-being for all while maintaining a healthy natural environment is also at the core of the model for an Integral Green Europe that is smartly integrating multiple EU potentials for sustainable development.

With the conference in 2022, we want to explore in terms of green, digital and inclusive transition what young people, researchers, teachers, experts, managers and everyone else can do together and what we should do to include personal, business and social responsibility in the social and natural environment where we operate.


  1. Green

1.     Climate

2.     Energy

3.     Agriculture

4.     Industry

5.     Environment and oceans

6.     Transport

7.     Finance and regional development

8.     Research and innovation


  1. Digital

1.     Artificial Intelligence

2.     European data strategy

3.     European industrial strategy

4.     High Performing Computing (HPC)

5.     Digital Markets and Services Acts

6.     Cybersecurity

7.     Digital skills

8.     Connectivity

9.     European Digital Identity
  1. Inclusive

1.     A fair transition towards climate neutrality

2.     Education

3.     Cross generation

4.     Urban and Rural

5.     Transition regions

6.     Migration and mobility

7.     Democracy

8.     Vulnerable groups

9.     Gender Equality

10.  Other

Contributions with more holistic, systemic approaches and embracing several topics are particularly invited.

Please take a look to Call for papers for authors:

By exchanging experiences, both theoretical and practical, especially from the point of view of green, digital and inclusive transition, the participants will help finding the right path to socially responsible behaviour. Social responsibility and a sustainable future are sources of great benefits, as has been shown in all crises so far, including the covid-19 one.

Therefore, we kindly invite you to participate at the conference as authors and / or listeners, to share your experiences, views and suggestions with other participants, including researchers, top consultants, other experts and experienced practitioners who will attend this conference. Young authors, high school and university students involved in educational processes are very welcome, too.

Registration form for the conference in 2022:

We kindly invite you to present your original papers and report about your own work in various topics of our conference! So far, over 1.500 authors from all over the world have participated in the previous 16 IRDO conferences. The number of speakers is limited.

Abstract and Paper template:

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Enclosed you can find also Press release for the 2022 IRDO Conference:

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We are looking forward to your participation in the 17th IRDO International Conference ONLINE!

With kind regards,

Prof. Emer. Matjaž Mulej, PhD, PhD, University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business, President of the IRDO Expert Council and Chair of the IRDO Conference Programme Committee

Prof. Emer. Peter Glavič, PhD, University of Maribor, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, and Vice-Chair of the IRDO Conference Program Committee

Darja Piciga, PhD, Citizens’ Initiative for an Integral Green Slovenija, and Vice-Chair of the IRDO Conference Programme Committee

Assoc. Prof. Igor Perko, PhD, University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business, WOSC director-general, and Vice-Chair of the IRDO Conference Programme Committee

Anita Hrast, MSc, IRDO Institute manager, Chair of Organizational Board of the IRDO Conference

IRDO – Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility (IRDO – Inštitut za razvoj družbene odgovornosti)
Cesta 13. julija 65 A, SI-1261 Ljubljana – Dobrunje, Slovenia, EUROPE
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