IRDO international conference

The international conference of the IRDO institute with the title of “SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND CURRENT CHALLENGES” highlights certain topics in relation to social responsibility. Since 2006, the conference has been creating a rich tradition of research in behaviour and the development of social responsibility, and we organize it in collaboration with numerous support partners.

We organize the conference each year to strengthen social responsibility in Slovenia. The development of social responsibility is in fact critical in all areas of social life, as well as the connection of various stakeholders that work in this field. Also important is the comparison of research and theoretical points in regard to practical experiences – in the legislation, economy, social work, protection of the environment and elsewhere.

We connect theory with profession, the scientific side with practical examples of usage, we connect professions interdisciplinary to help solving problems of modern society. Interesting theories and solutions to problems are exchanged each year in the company of scientists, consultants, operative experts and many others. The proceedings which get compiled at these conferences have a permanent scientific expertise value, as they enable the readers to transfer the accumulated knowledge to their business and everyday practice. More…