Referati predavateljev // Conference Proceedings

1st day (12th June 2024):
19th IRDO International Conference INNOVATIVE SUSTAINABLE and SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE SOCIETY 2024: ESG (environmental, social, governance) aspects in theory and practice & Learning and action for sustainability and green transition

moderated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Igor Perko

  1. Introduction

PART I: ESG (environmental, social, governance) aspects in theory and practice, moderated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Igor Perko

  1. Prof Emer. DDr. Matjaž Mulej, M.Sc. Anita Hrast, Nomi Hrast, B.A. - Peace in the national anthem of Slovenia, and supported by ISO 26000 – suggestion for legal action
  2. Prof. Emer. Dr. Peter Glavič, Helena Levičnik, Dr. Aida Szilagyi, Veronika Hajná, Ibon Zugasti, M. S. - Smart Education for Corporate Sustainability Reporting
  3. Dr. Vijay Kalantri - Promoting Sustainability at grassroot level
  4. Rade Trivunčević - Role and impact of Islamic banks on CSR practices in Egypt
  5. Shaheen Efrah Ali, Prof. Atul Kumar Sarkar - Crafting Resilient Cultures: A Study on the Symbiosis of Workplace Politics and Workplace Environment
  6. Dr. Branko Bembič, Prof. Dr. Klement Podnar, Prof. Dr. Urša Golob - Trade unions as actors in sustainability transitions
  7. Nomi Hrast, B.A., Prof. Dr. Tjaša Štrukelj - Selected success factors for sustainable development in an organisation
  8. Mihael Sket - Opinions on the Reform of the Public Pay System in Slovenia
  9. Tine Novak, Prof. Dr. Simona Šarotar Žižek - Engagement of supervisors in companies with state capital investment
  10. Gal Pastirk, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Andreja Primec - The Evolution of the Aluminium Industry - An Examination of Global Perspectives and Current Trends
  11. Elena Lunder, Focus Association for Sustainable Development, Slovenia, Živa Lopatič, Institute for Fair Trade, 3MUHE - No exploitation – voluntary commitments and new legislation

PART II: The Slovenian Great Leap for a Green Transition and Well-Being of All (Panel), Co-Chairs: Dr. Darja Piciga, Jernej Stritih, Dr. Anders Wijkman

  1. Summary of PART II:
  • Dr. Anders Wijkman, The Club of Rome - A Well-Being for All while Respecting Planetary Boundaries: Is the Earth4All Vision Feasible?
  • Dr. Darja Piciga, The Citizens' Initiative for an Integral Green Slovenia - The Earth4All Slovenia process: integrating potentials and policies for a systemic sustainability innovation
  • Nika Tavčar, Gaja Brecelj, Jonas Sonnenschein, Umanotera. The publication prepared in cooperation with 15 other civil society organisations. - GREETINGS FROM 2050 – What does living in a sustainable society look like?
  • Jernej Stritih, Jurij Stritih, Stritih Sustainable Development Consulting - The Great Leap is already underway in Slovenia: A historical perspective, actual measures, and necessary improvements for a green transition
  • Dr. Katja Vintar Mally, Dr. Matej Ogrin, Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana - Slovenia: It takes a great leap from adopting strategies to implementing policies
  • Eva Tomič, M.Sc., Climate Policy and Human Rights Adviser to the President of the Republic of Slovenia - The right to healthy, clean and sustainable environment
  • Barbara Simonič, EIT Climate-KIC - Deep demonstration project for a systems transformation in Slovenia, the case of a food portfolio
  • Alenka Burja, Environmental Consulting - Empowering for a green transition: The Sustainable Consumption Guide
  • Vesna Kolar Planinšič, M. Sc., Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy, Environment Directorate - Transboundary Cooperation in Decarbonization: A Comparative Analysis of Wind Energy Implementation in Slovenia and Austria
  • Dr. Dijana Možina Zupanc, Deputy Human Rights Ombudsman RS - The Interdependence of Human Rights and Sustainable Development
  • Daan Welling, Stritih Sustainable Development Consulting - Grid(un)lock: how building YIMBY coalitions can accelerate the energy transition
  • Nataša Beltran, M.Sc., Stritih Sustainable Development Consulting - Just transition in Slovenia

2nd day (13th June 2024):
4th IRDO & Citizens’ Initiative for an Integral Green Slovenia, National Conference


Introduction, moderated by M.Sc. Anita Hrast

  1. Introduction

PART I: Students for Sustainability, moderated by Prof. Dr. Simona Šarotar Žižek

  1. Nemanja Vukovic, Danilo Nišavić - The impact of business ethics on the sustainable development of a company
  2. Nisa Čahuk, Veronika Horvat - Fast fashion and its meaning for sustainable development
  3. Sara Žižek, Jaša Žnidaršič - Creating a sustainable culture in an organisation
  4. Tamara Pinter, Ajla Kerić - Sustainable consumption
  5. Teodora Šuškavčević, Samira Sijarić - Importance of LCA method and eco-design combined
  6. Urška Hozjan, Aneja Vrhovšek - Curtailing Food Waste through a Mobile Application Solution

PART II: Homes for Humanity Earth-Wide Accelerating the “Giant Leap” (Panel), Co-Chairs: Prof. Dr. Alexander Schieffer, Dr. Rama Mani

  1. Homes for Humanity Earth-Wide Accelerating the “Giant Leap” (Panel)

PART III: Learning for sustainability and green transition, moderated by Prof. Emer. Dr. Peter Glavič

  1. Dr. Darja Piciga, The Citizens' Initiative for an Integral Green Slovenia - Sustainable Development and Green Transition: What constitutes general education for living in the 21st century?

PART IV: Climate Change Adaptation and Systems Innovation, moderated by Nataša Beltran, M.Sc.

  1. Yasmin Arêas Canindé de Medeiros, Systems Innovation Network - Making Sense of “Systems Innovation” as an emergent field of knowledge
  2. Daan Welling, Stritih Sustainable Development Consulting - What the European Climate Risk Assessment can tell us about climate adaptation
  3. Nataša Beltran, M.Sc., Stritih Sustainable Development Consulting - State of the art and climate resilience pathways in Slovenia
  4. Katarina Mulec, B.A., Stritih Sustainable Development Consulting - Farm owners are on the frontlines of climate change – but do they have the knowledge to deal with it?

PART V: Open Session, moderated by Prof. Emer. Dr. Peter Glavič

  1. Darija Kuželj Pavlovič, B.Sc. - Systems thinking as a tool for solving complex problems
  2. Maruša Kraševec, M.Sc. - Diapering Differently: Embracing Eco-Friendly Alternatives
  3. Anita Hrast, M.Sc., Fedja Šičarov M.Sc., Dr. Sandi Abram, Adam Mulalič - YAFE – Youth Art for the Earth and Sustainability Issues